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Forever (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #3)

Forever - Maggie Stiefvater ***slight spoilers***Grace and Sam are now in opposite positions since Sam has been cured of changing into a wolf with the help of Isabel through an infection of meningitis while he was in wolf form. Now Grace is changing into a wolf and she has run off into the woods where she isn't seen for most of the summer. Isobel and Cole are featured throughout this story and it is their interaction that supplies most of my favorite parts. Cole becomes a focal point that the main plot twists around. I didn't think he could play such a huge roll in the story line, but I am glad that he did.I thought the story was a bit slower than the first two installments with more descriptions than dialogue which I guess makes sense since Grace is in wolf form for most of the book. There was a lot of tension building towards the end when you wondered if Grace would find her way back to Sam and if Isabel could restrain her father's actions. (Those actions are the cause of most of the turmoil in this finale.) I think everyone know how this ended by now and it was not a perfect ending it worked for me.

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