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Paris, My Sweet

Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate) - Amy Thomas MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITAfter getting her dream job in Paris, writing copy for Louis Vuitton, Francophile, Amy Thomas, finds that the grass may not be as green as it should be. Oh, it is green alright, but like all good things, even chocolate, you can overdose. So when Amy's dream job starts to dump on her, she tries to stand up for herself and well, she finally realizes that her golden ring of a job is more brass. She discusses using a bike as transportation around town and her descriptions of the major bakeries and their wares will make your mouth water. I was dying for some chocolate truffles, maybe some tarts, and for sure a nice loaf of French bread. I never knew there were so many different kinds! Of course, at 36, no 37, years old, her friends are married and having kids, so when a health crisis develops she really must decide if children are in her future. Her parents come to visit and there are some really funny moments. She does become very introspective at this point. Where the book truly shines is when she raves about the sweets and how she hunts them down. Her searches around New York are amazingly descriptive and it would be wonderful to plan a trip around some of the places she mentions. Some of the things she talks about (cupcake bubble anyone?) are really insightful and I would weigh a billions pounds by eating all of the things she writes about. Truly a wonderful read about sweets and how to get through life in a new country by yourself.

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