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Glitch (Glitch - Trilogy)

Glitch - Heather Anastasiu MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITZoel lives in a controlled environment, where brains are reprogrammed and people are essentially worker bees, doing nothing but following orders and barely existing. In a post apocalyptic United States, people have been told that the world is unsafe and they must exist in a bunker like world, underground and never seeing anything but their own small little space. They are fitted with computer chips that override emotions as well as desire and violence. Much like communist China, the world they live in revolves around "self reporting" their glitches so their brains can be repaired or decommissioned. The people are told this is to keep them safe and Zoel, believes it all until she starts to have episodes where reality shines through and she feels things and has thoughts. She thinks she is alone until she meets Max and others who also are "glitching". Now, nicknamed Zoe by the others, she learns that glitchers have powers, hers being telekinesis. The story revolves around Zoe becoming a resistance fighter and taking on the government who rules with an iron fist when she learns about how corrupt their system is. This is a fresh take on a dystopian theme that has become a base for a lot of young adult books lately. Kids find they are being abused / used, rise up to fight the power with some sort of paranormal help and try to win back control to become human again. I really enjoyed all of the characters and their struggles and look forward to the next in the series. This should be fine for even the youngest of teens with a bit of violence, a teen pregnancy, some kissing but nothing graphic. If you enjoyed Under the Never Sky or Across the Universe, this should be on your list!

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