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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion Finally a zombie story from a zombie point of view! This is a retelling of the classic Shakespeare tale Romeo and Juliet with ZOMBIES! R has no memories of his own except he can perceive the history of the person when he consumes their brains. He consumes the brains of a teenager and is filled with deep feelings for the teen's girlfriend, Julie. I know this sound extremely strange but the story is actually quite lovely, in a weird way and I adore weird.I have read quite a few zombie books and most of them seem to detail the lives of people around the zombies, those battling them and trying to avoid them, this one is a bit different since it actually goes deep into the character's mind and you get to experience what it is like to be a zombie. Even though R can't communicate verbally, his actions more than make up for his lack of speech. This is truly a tale of opposites attracting. The only other book I have read that truly captures zombies this way is I Kissed a Zombie by Adam Selzer.

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