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Pretty Girl-13

Pretty Girl-13 - Liz Coley MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITNo way around some spoilers in this review...Angie has no recollection of the past three years of her life. She went camping with the girl scouts at age thirteen, and when she came back to herself, she walking up to her front door at age sixteen, although in her mind, she is still thirteen. What Angie soon discovers is that she has compartmentalized pieces of herself that protected her from the abuse she suffers at the hands of her kidnapper. As she works with a psychologist, she tears down the walls that separate the different parts of her character. As you get to know each part of Angie's character, you are taken through the horror she experienced and her hope of survival. If you remember Sybil or The Three Faces of Ever, this book will strike a chord with you. I was fascinated with how the author brought modern technology and psychology to this young teen's terrors. Everything that happened to Angie, from her abduction to her recovery was very well thought out and written perfectly to capture her anger and sorrow at her circumstances. I wanted to cheer the fact that Angie wanted to get over her ordeal even if that meant forgetting and moving on with her life. You experience her fear that she thinks she is capable of harming another and when the truth about her childhood abuses becomes clear, you want to weep with her.

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