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City of a Thousand Dolls

City of a Thousand Dolls - MY THOUGHTSREALLY LIKED ITAfter the Empire has been devastated by a magical war that has killed those with magical powers and left their world in tatters, the Empire has institute a two child policy much like modern day China. Nisha is left at the gate of a city that takes in unwanted daughters and she remembers her father leaving her there. We follow Nisha through her daily life in the city and the intrigue that awaits her daily. That intrigue is suddenly increased when the day of Redeeming approaches and two girls are murdered. The day of Redeeming is the one day that the girls can free themselves from the school and essentially be purchased as wives or apprentices.The story is told in painstaking detail, as we learn about the girls and the different houses or departments of the school. The girls don't cross over into the different schools except for those that have special permission like Nisha. As Nisha wonders about her family, she begins to get clues into her background as she tries to unravel the murder mystery. The story really takes off the last third of the book when it became really exciting as Nisha did start to put the clues together to solve the crime.I did enjoy this story but it was slow going for me. I wish that the pace has been a bit quicker since the plot had a lot going for it. Nisha was a great character and now that all of the world building is complete, I think there is room for another installment which could lead to a bit more excitement. Parents: There are a few kisses, some alluded to violence but nothing those over 13 wouldn't know about.

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