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The Disenchantments

The Disenchantments - Nina LaCour MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITColby is in love with his best friend Bev who is in a band called The Disenchantments. They have made plans to tour at the end of high school before moving on with their adult lives, to college and for Colby to visit his mother now living in France and separated from his father. His father is a musician that at one time was pretty well known. Bev had gone along with Colby's plans to visit his mother and then backpack through out Europe before deciding what to do with the rest of theirs lives. So when Bev tells Colby she is accepted into art school, his life unravels and he must now make plans on his own.The story takes place while the band is winding it's way from San Francisco to Seattle and Portland, stopping here and there to play at coffee houses, bars, rec centers or where ever they can find a place. They meet some interesting people along the way but what really grabbed me was that Colby's mother is an artist and had painted the cover of his father best known work. He finds a tattoo artist that has a picture of a man with the art work as a tattoo, so it becomes his quest to find the man and understand what made him get the tattoo. The story winds around much like the path the band is taking in their travels, not straight and with no clear purpose except to get from one point to another and deposit one of the band members at her college. There were parts that are a bit existentialist and really seemed to serve no purpose except to wonder why Bev isn't honest with Colby and just goes along with him by agreeing they should go see his mom when she has been making other plans all along. Overall, it is a great look at what happens to kids once they start becoming adults and how friends become disjointed once they leave their protected existence in high school.

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