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The Way We Fall

The Way We Fall - Megan Crewe MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITKaelyn's family has moved from Toronto to an island that is a vacation spot where her father has a new job doing microbiological research. She makes new friends, finds her first love, (Leo), and in a series of diary entries and notes written to Leo who has moved off the island. There, a virus is taking over the island and when it turns deadly, the government closes off the area to everyone. No one can leave and they are forced to deal with shortages, illness and loss of communication to the outside world. It starts out with cold like symptoms, quickly proceeds to a high fever with delusions and then death. So with the world crashing down around her, Kaelyn must quickly adapt to survive.This whole plot would make an amazing Twilight Zone episode. They way it is written conveys clear imagery of a perfect world gone mad with characters that are all too real. Kaelyn is one of a handful that survives the virus and in the process loses her mother and later her father. In a sense it becomes almost like Lord of the Flies, where teens are taking on grown up roles, with some being good and others becoming self serving and cruel. Kaelyn also forms a tenuous relationship with Tessa, her rival for Leo's affections. Tessa is a perfect counter point to Kaelyn with her love of plants and both seem to be on the same level intellectually.I adored the way it was written in a diary form since it seemed much more personal with a journalistic approach to the story telling. Kaelyn is forced to face all of her worst fears along with the rest of the town. Of course, the guys split into two factions - good versus evil -- where one group helps out and the other devolves into thugs. Her brother is another interesting point which I would have liked to explore more, but his appearances are brief. There are some seriously sad parts to this book, but it also uplifting at the same time. This is one of those books that you must read in one sitting since you will be dying (cough) to find out what happens next.

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